Sex Positions For Squirting

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Sex Positions For Squirting & G Spot Orgasms

Obviously, there are a myriad of sexual positions out there, but in general, couples tend to stick to the ones that they like and that work for them; now may well be the time to try out new positions. In these you may well find some that become your new favourites, especially as they all are virtually guaranteed to give you a wonderful, squirting, G-spot orgasm. I will show you some of my favourites below; (all pictures are courtesy of

Master these sex positions for squirting!!

The Slow Climb

Squirting Orgasm positions  - Slow Climb

Missionary will never seem ‘boring’ again with this position, which although it starts off in the traditional position, ends up anything but! Lie on your back as usual but with a pillow under your bottom and your legs folded up towards your chest. This will allow the man deeper penetration which can stimulate your G-spot; once you can feel this being stroked, put your legs down and your partner will now be in what is known as the coital alignment technique, (the CAT.) If he tilts his pelvic bone upward, it will be in line with your clitoris, and he should now rock inside you rather than thrust. Using the legs-up position to start will increase your sensitivity and stimulation, rather than going straight for the CAT, which will greatly heighten your orgasm when it does come.

The Criss-cross

squirting Orgasm criss cross

This position is ideal for those of us who are not as athletic as others; sometimes it is nice to have a slow-burn kind of orgasm, without all the twisting, turning and bending that can sometimes occur.

While you are lying on your back, get him to lie on his side, facing towards you; then swing both your legs over his hips, aligning your pussy with his penis. If you pop a pillow under your bottom, this will again change the angle of penetration and allow for better G-spot stimulation. It also allows him to keep both hands free to roam over your breasts and to stroke your clitoris while he is thrusting inside you; this position is also ideal if you are both tired, and want to take your time. It is also a very ‘loving’ position that allows kissing and stroking to continue.

The ‘Giddy-up’

Squirting orgasm giddy up sex position

This is definitely ‘girl-on-top’ with a twist, (also known as ‘reverse cowgirl.) As you can see from the diagram, you place your feet flat on the bed between his legs; this is a wonderful position if your vagina is maybe slightly ‘slack,’ (from childbirth or other trauma,) as it allows for a very snug fit, which will intensify your sensations. It also allows you to use your hands to stimulate your breasts and clitoris at the same time, and can give an explosive, ‘combined’ orgasm as both the G-spot and clitoris are stimulated at the same time.

The Lusty Lap-dance

squirting orgasm lusty lap dance sex positions

This is another wonderful position which will align your breasts to his mouth, allowing him to suck your nipples at the same time; with the ‘traditional’ way of doing this position, you would be moving up and down on his penis, which can prove to be extremely tiring for you. If you lean slightly back in this position, and then ‘sway’ toward and away from him, it will give added G-spot stimulation. It also allows you to control the depth and speed of your movements, and you can use your arms and legs to help you move about.

The Spoon

squirting orgasms the spoon sex position

This is a wonderful, loving, ‘snuggly’ position, and again ideal if you are not an Olympic athlete! It gives you a fabulous feeling of togetherness, and is good if either of you have back problems. To get the most intense G-spot stimulation, do not have him thrust in and out; rather he should keep his penis inside you and gently thrust against the front wall of your vagina. It also gives him a free hand to manipulate your clitoris or breasts at the same time, and has the added benefit that when you have both orgasmed, you are already in a nice position to go to sleep!

Beware: Master These & She Will Come Quickly!

Normal sex will seem, quite frankly dull after you’ve unleashed the beast and got to grips with these positions!!

Take confidence in that fact that if you use JUST ONE of these positions you’ll be blowing her mind in a way that no other man ever has!

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